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Rage In The Key of LA

So let me trace this summer for the LA Kings, let me know where I go wrong with my anger.  

Jarret Stoll was arrested for cocaine and MDMA possession at a Las Vegas pool party in mid-April, and conveniently chased out of town once free agency opened up.  

Mike Richards was arrested at the Canadian border with oxycodone pills and managed to keep the arrest under wraps until June 26th when the Kings found out at the NHL Draft.  By June 29th the man’s contract was terminated.  

On July 2nd, Slava Voynov was found guilty of domestic assault from an incident the previous October.  The man served 60 of his 90 days before meeting with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to begin an investigation.  

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Shane Tries To Hockey - Part 3

Yesterday was definitely not my day. The rink schedule listed a Learn To Play session for 6:30. One of my friends went to Learn To Play last week, and noted there was very skating focused. That's exactly what I need! I'd been feeling pretty down on myself all day, and was looking forward to this.

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Shane Tries To Hockey - Part 2

I'm a nervous person. I definitely have anxiety issues. What was freaking me out was some shipping issues with my helmet, which finally arrived on Wednesday afternoon.

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Shane Tries To Hockey - Part 1

Hockey players are in phenominal shape. They're practicing and working out constantly when they're not playing. Take a look at the last few ESPN Magazine body issues and tell me Tyler Seguin and Hilary Knight aren't completely ripped. On the other hand, you have me.

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Lick It Up, Baby. Lick. It. Up.

Summer Hockey Twitter is a boring, vicious place.  We attack each other, over analyze, hypothesize, and do really dumb things.  Even hockey players are prone to being dumb and petty, with terribly formed insults.  Really not sure what happened this afternoon but thank you @atrodorsus for getting a screenshot of everything before tweets were deleted and “hackers” were blamed. 



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