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Ep. 129 Give 'Em The Booth

Brandon came out of the coma and Peter's back from the Peace Corp to actually put a show together. We talk about surprises so far in the NHL season, how Jonathan Quick's injury might affect the U.S. Olympic team and timeless haircuts. We also discuss recent music releases including the new A Wilhelm Scream. Plus, new music this week from Toxic Holocaust, Young Turks, A.W.S. and Less Than Jake.

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Weird Times In Upstate New York

Way back in April, when Frank Turner released his latest album, "Tape Deck Heart", I wondered aloud how the album's change would affect his normally high-energy live shows.

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Come One, Come All To The Sweatiest Canadian Gala! Ever.

Today, the internet got it’s underwear in a bunch when the news was released that the Arcade Fire was requesting their concert goers to dress in formal attire or costumes.  And while the Arcade Fire is not punk, the CBC did use their single Reflektor a few weeks ago in their opening montage:

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The Old Barn

About a week after the rest of college hockey got underway, the New England Small College Athletic Conference kicked off its 2013-14 season this weekend, and I took in Williams College's home opener against the Mules of Colby College Saturday night, a rematch from last season's NESCAC playoffs.

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A Different Look At New Arenas

It's been a sad few years for hockey fans.  Slowly the old barns have been transforming into these monolithic, pristine white multi purpose venues where the hoity toitiest of performers will come and off set the craziest costs.  I don't know about you, but when I think of watching hockey live, my mind wanders to sticky cement floors, cinderblock walls painted brown or maybe tan or pink?  And seats that have clutch marks in their armrests from years of panicked fans.  I'm someone that feels at home in that "lived in" feeling (mind you, I'm talking about "lived in" not "we should go get vaccinated after this" filth).  

There's no question, the game of hockey is changing, but the change off the ice seems to be ignored.  Many say it's to bring in the corporate accounts, but after hanging out in the newly completed MSG, I call shenanigans.  Planners and architects and builders are looking to attract a completely untapped market for hockey fandom:


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