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We're So Hip And Cool! We Cover Hockey!

Lemme See Your Hockey FaceHey guys!  It's springtime and you know what that means!  Our shitty baseball team has started to tanks and our fans are looking elsewhere for entertainment.

Oh no! How will we retain our fans?

I KNOW! Let's cover playoff hockey!  Can't be that hard, right? 

Goals, assists, saves, and face offs, this will be an easy thing to cover!  We won't lose any one AND we'll pick up those who already love hockey! 

Wow! This is a win/win idea! 

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Madness on the ice of London, er, Philadelphia, um, New York. It's been an interesting first round to say the least, so we brought Hockeybuzz writer(about the Bruins) and twitter curator Ty Anderson on help us break down all the insanity. No punk news this week because, well, it's the playoffs.

(Note: We recorded this before any of the series' had ended.)

Aaron Asham-4 game suspension

James Neal-1 game suspension

Torres vs. Hossa's face

Backstrom-1 game suspension

Music Featured This Week:

Can We Pretend by Break Anchor

Keep On Walking by CAMPAIGN

Lawless Godless Shameless by Elle

A Credit To His Gender by Good Riddance

Father by Make Do And Mend

Warm Blood Rush by Defeater



No More, Lemewwwww!

Sitting here and reflecting on the three-ring circus that is the Pittsburgh Penguins game against the Philadelphia Flyers, I can’t help but wonder how long until Mario Lemieux writes another open letter to the NHL.  For those of you who don’t remember, the Comeback Kid got on his soap box last February to complain about the state of the NHL after his team was part of an all out brawl against the New York Islanders. I've finally reached my limit.  I'm no longer keeping my mouth shut when it comes to him.  Things must change!

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Mix Tape: Crust Punk and Bleach Baths


As a request from Up The Pucks guest host for the Philadephia Flyers, .  He wanted to see a crust punk list.  And for those of you who don't know, I general dislike crust punk.  I have to say, crust punks gross me out and I'd put them on my list of nightmare inducing creatures.  So here's a mix tape of crust punk songs, I need to go bathe in bleach with a brillo pad.  

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Episode 81: Pancakes For Everyone!

As Peter returns after a week off, the show shifts to its playoff format. We're joined by Steve Gunn and Mr. Fancy as we talk about the first round playoff series.

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