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Round Two - UTP Contributor's 2012 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

So, earlier in the month we gave you our Round 1 playoff predictions. And although no one ever gives a shit about anyone's random playoff guesses, why not do it again?

But first, here's how we did...

As you can see, no one is perfect. But Link, the real hero of the first round, came damn close. Cait followed closely behind, while most of us got half our picks right. Jaye and steve didn't fare so well with only 3 correct picks each, but Christian completely tanked and we can all laugh at him. Serves him right for being the only one willing to pick the Sharks.

He did so poorly during the first round, in fact, that he REFUSED to participate in the second. When I asked, he threw a folding chair at me.

Now that you see just how accurate we all our, you can adjust your round 2 betting odds accordingly. Here are our second round picks:

Much more love for this Capitals this round. Every single person picked Boston over them last time and was proven wrong. There is no consensus this round (there was a consensus for BOS and NYR previously). We almost had one on Philadelphia but I changed my pick last minute, throwing a wrench into the system. I might be the Christian of Round 2. Brandon and I were the only ones brave enough to pick Phoenix. We will probably regret it.

See you next round!


2012 Stanley Cup Anti-Preview (Round 2)

After weeks of overtime, blundering, and generally mediocre play the Eastern Conference finally managed to wrap up the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. As far as my predictions go I did much better in the East as I my assumption that medioctiry would be the key to victory as we saw Washington, New Jersey and the Flyers all advance despite a total lack of ability to play vital aspects of the game. I got my Ottawa prediction wrong, but I’m not all that broken up about it. The Western conference showed some real spirit as the Canucks managed to put up as strong an effort as a pumpkin getting kicked in the face by a teenager. The coin flip that landed me on the Sharks failed to take into account that the Sharks are old and the Blues players still haven’t realized that they are doomed to failure. Chicago and Phoenix played hockey often on the same sheet of ice and they continued to do so until one of the teams won. This is the way of things. Finally, despite Nashville’s victory of the Red Wings in five games, true victory was in the hands of the Detroit fans as they held the moral high ground. The fans maintain that the team defeated itself since Nashville doesn’t deserve a team and therefore any of the Southern team’s victories “don’t count.” And now on to Round 2

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Mixtapes Brings Tour To East Coast With New Music

Earlier on their site today, Mixtapes, the pop punk band from Cincinatti, Ohio (frequently featured on the podcast) announced a few things.It's really awesome to see the band setting out on tour and new music slated to be released too. 

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We're So Hip And Cool! We Cover Hockey!

Lemme See Your Hockey FaceHey guys!  It's springtime and you know what that means!  Our shitty baseball team has started to tanks and our fans are looking elsewhere for entertainment.

Oh no! How will we retain our fans?

I KNOW! Let's cover playoff hockey!  Can't be that hard, right? 

Goals, assists, saves, and face offs, this will be an easy thing to cover!  We won't lose any one AND we'll pick up those who already love hockey! 

Wow! This is a win/win idea! 

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Madness on the ice of London, er, Philadelphia, um, New York. It's been an interesting first round to say the least, so we brought Hockeybuzz writer(about the Bruins) and twitter curator Ty Anderson on help us break down all the insanity. No punk news this week because, well, it's the playoffs.

(Note: We recorded this before any of the series' had ended.)

Aaron Asham-4 game suspension

James Neal-1 game suspension

Torres vs. Hossa's face

Backstrom-1 game suspension

Music Featured This Week:

Can We Pretend by Break Anchor

Keep On Walking by CAMPAIGN

Lawless Godless Shameless by Elle

A Credit To His Gender by Good Riddance

Father by Make Do And Mend

Warm Blood Rush by Defeater