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No More, Lemewwwww!

Sitting here and reflecting on the three-ring circus that is the Pittsburgh Penguins game against the Philadelphia Flyers, I can’t help but wonder how long until Mario Lemieux writes another open letter to the NHL.  For those of you who don’t remember, the Comeback Kid got on his soap box last February to complain about the state of the NHL after his team was part of an all out brawl against the New York Islanders. I've finally reached my limit.  I'm no longer keeping my mouth shut when it comes to him.  Things must change!

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Mix Tape: Crust Punk and Bleach Baths


As a request from Up The Pucks guest host for the Philadephia Flyers, .  He wanted to see a crust punk list.  And for those of you who don't know, I general dislike crust punk.  I have to say, crust punks gross me out and I'd put them on my list of nightmare inducing creatures.  So here's a mix tape of crust punk songs, I need to go bathe in bleach with a brillo pad.  

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Episode 81: Pancakes For Everyone!

As Peter returns after a week off, the show shifts to its playoff format. We're joined by Steve Gunn and Mr. Fancy as we talk about the first round playoff series.

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UTP Contributor's 2012 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

We are just hours away from the first puck drop of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, and what better way to pass the time than by posting our stupid opinions that you couldn't possibly have a valid reason to care about?

I polled a handful of the Up The Pucks regulars as well as some past contributors this morning. Since everyone here who has ever contributed to Up The Pucks automatically qualifies as an "expert," here are our Expert Playoff Predictions for round one:  

 (Yes, I put "PHY" instead of "PHX," but I don't even give a shit and I'm not going back to edit the image.)

There's a clear consensus on New York and Boston. The same could almost be said about St Louis, but Christian decided to be a badass and go out on a limb. Christian does not let simple things like horrible playoff reputations get in his way when he's making bold predictions.

I expected KW, a Florida fan, to join me in favoring the Panthers, however I was surprised to see anyone else go out on that limb. I was also surprised to see such little faith in the Flyers, I thought there would be more mixed opinions.

Nashville-Detroit and Phoenix-Chicago are the most divisive of all the matchups, I imagine because Nashville and Detroit are set up for a good 7-game fued, where as everyone just kind of threw a dart at a board to decide Phoenix and Chicago.

Remember to check back in at the start of round two to see what fucking idiots we all are!


2012 Stanley Cup Anti-Preview (Part 1)

It can't come as much of surprise that a year later we find ourselves once again poised on the mind searing edge of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. By now you've probably read about half a dozen different Playoff prediction blogs and articles. Guess what, all of them are terrible and we both know it. Oh, the Penguins have a good offense? How about the fact that some people question the quality of Florida's goal tending and think the Kings lack scoring depth. This is the season when pundits and bloggers like to act like pre-Lutheran clergy issuing wafers of knowledge that they invite you to dip in their mind salsa. In response to their actions I offer my completely and utterly useless playoff previews.

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