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The Up The Pucks College Hockey Bracket Challenge

This time of year it seems that everyone is caught up in March Madness. People around the country stress out over their brackets and inevitably tear them up as the tournament does not play out the way they figured it would. Yet, among all this madness, it seems that the college hockey tournament gets lost in the shuffle.

Well let's fix that. We have our own brackets we should be obsessing over.

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The Triumphant Return Of Canada’s Masturbation Fantasy

(MSG Photos)

Disclaimer: Alright before I start this, I want to remind you this is not an attack on Sidney Crosby’s talent.  I get it; the guy is fantablous.  There’s no denying it.  But on to my anger.

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EPISODE 77: I'm Skipping Up To Boston



Nope, not Boston this week, this one's all about Philadelphia. Our guest this week is Kevin, from BroadStreetBuzz.com & WhatThePuckingPuck.com

Pete laments the coming retirement of Sean Avery.  Then we discuss the always-successful method the Boston Police Department has taken up to curb moshing. We go on to debate the possible icing changes, the state of the Flyers as we hit the home stretch before the playoffs, and sooooo much more. Join us, wont you?

Flyers blogs:

-Broad Street Buzz

-Down Goes Spezza(done by past guest Matt)

-Broad Street Hockey

-Flyers Faithful

Music Featured This Week:

-It All Happened In A Ford Windstar by The Holy Mess(The intro was theirs as well)

-My Life As A Pigeon by The Wonder Years

-Salem by Paint It Black

-Jane by The Loved Ones(& this is a link to the 7" series Dave Hause will be doing)

-Punk Rock Girl by The Dead Milkmen



UTP Interviews Jason Navarro of Break Anchor

Oh hey, this was exciting. Pretty recently Mr. Brandon asked me if I wanted a promo of the new Break Anchor 7". I of course wanted it because it exists. He also asked if I wanted to do an e-mail interview with Jay Navarro of Break Anchor and formerly over The Suicide Machines and currently of Hellmouth. Its quick, dirty, and I only get embarassed once. If I should be embarassed more than once just don't tell me.

Photograph by Luke Hartley

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Attention Boston: No more moshing, someone might stub a toe or die

So, I was browsing Punknews as I often do when I'm bored and I came across this article from Dave Wedge of the Boston Herald. If you don't feel like reading it then I'm happy to summarize: according to the Boston police moshing is now illegal. Apparently at a Flogging Molly show back in February police observed some people dancing or in the words and quotes of Wedge:

60 concertgoers engaged in an “aggressive mosh pit dance,” during which people were running and “colliding into each other,” including some who were “knocked to the ground.” No injuries were reported.

Yes, no injuries were reported. The police ended up just fining the venue and informing them that notices must be posted that this sort of negative, non-clean cut, rapscallion-esque activity will not take place in the proud city of Boston. Never mind that no one was hurt and it isn't likely people were coerced into moshing or the mosh pit was really a Viking murder party disguised as a bunch of skinny kids that lost their shirts.

What I think is really ridiculous about this is that moshing is not on the policy and city watch list in Boston, but if you wanted to you could go down into a nearby mixed martial arts gym with some buddies and happily punch one another in the face until you're all bleeding. I get that there is a difference here. You may got to a punk or metal show and be shocked by the presence of moshing and somehow it'll catch you off guard. Someone could get hurt, its true. But it is difficult to believe that many people enter such an environment without understanding to some degree what is going to to happen in the course of the show.

Finally, you'd think that with people having moshed to their hearts content for what... thirty years, I don't know, that if it caused enough of problem that it needed to be addressed by the police and local government then it would've come up years ago. With this happening now it makes the government and police look like reactionaries totally out of touch with a whole segment of their constituents.