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 Well, we had to do a Detroit show eventually. Luckily, Wings fan Joe Novak from Keys to the Bus joins us to discuss the Seattle arena pipedream, the trade deadline, and how the Blue Jackets have managed to fall further down the shame spiral. It really is quite the feat. We also discuss the state of the Red Wings and why Joe has a self-imposed ban on himself at Joe Louis Arena. We also play a bunch a great Detroit punk and ska.

This is Joe's record label, Whoa! Records, with releases by P.T. Revenge, The Halifax Notion, & others.

Iggy Pop as Mr. Mecklenberg, he hates canoes

Hockey Headlines:

-TSN's TradeCentre with all the deadline deals

-Nash hysteria, or much ado about nothing: Blue Jackets insight from Ten Minute Misconduct & The Cannon

Featured Franchise: Detroit Red Wings

-from The Hockey Writers, rumors of a new arena

Music Featured This Week:

Search and Destroy by Iggy and The Stooges

If I Can't Smoke or Swear, I'm Fucked by We Are The Union

Harder Harmonies by La Dispute

Ghost on Sunset Strip by The Suicide Machines

Dirt by The Swellers



It's An Album Review: I don't want to go to heaven with a headache

Ok, so I've been sidelined with a health problem and then a bad reaction to the medication that I was taking. It was nasty and I really wanted to write a review for the new Menzingers album. So, I made it happen. I'm trying out something new this time since there are no music videos from On The Impossible Past I've got a little soundcloud box with three different tracks from the album. I don't know if I'll do this consistently, or if its a sometimes thing, but I'm sure you'll deal with it one way or another. Life is often all about coping. But now, on to the review of the Menzingers' On The Impossible Past.

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Howson, Nash & the Blue Jackets: Is THIS the bottom?

Well that could have gone better. You're probably aware of what a disaster this season has been for Columbus, it started shortly after Jeff Carter barricaded himself in his house for a couple days before GM Scott Howson & team captain Rick Nash(they were still buddies then) had to travel to Jersey and convince him to come out of hiding...

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The NHL's Cocktease

Let’s be honest and call today what it really was, it was like a hand job after being promised a wonderful and magical night.  Sure it was nice, but it certainly didn’t match the build up that was coming from her (her in this case being GMs).  Today’s trades were better than nothing, but at the 3pm deadline, I was left wanting more. 

The moves were— nice and safe, but not what we were expecting.  The build up with Rick Nash drama, Dustin Brown vs Mike Richards, Anaheim shopping their entire first line, the rumors about Toronto, I’m sorry but I was expecting mind blowing, bed breaking sex, I mean, big name trades. 

Instead we got this:

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Episode 74: Most College Kids Are Assholes

This week Ty Anderson from Hockeybuzz.com makes a return visit to the show to discuss the Bruins, Boston bands and college hockey fans. Other topics include: No Trigger's newest album, Hockey Nova Scotia seeks to ban energy drinks.

Get To Know Your Co-Host: Ty Anderson from Hockeybuzz

Album Review: No Trigger’s Tycoon

Hockey Headlines:
-Nova Scotia seeks to ban energy drinks in minor hockey
-Minnesota Duluth starts a smallpox blanket chant

Featured Franchise: Bruins

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Laramie by Suicide File

Anchor End by A Wilhelm Scream

Insider (Executive/Amputee) by No Trigger

On Top by Los Bungalitos

White Knuckles by Defeater

Black Thunder by Doomriders