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Epitaph Records Teams Up With Comics Writer Steve Niles

At Anaheim’s WonderCon comic book convention last week, creator Steve Niles a startling announcement that’s just starting to break across two industries. According to BleedingCool.com, Niles will be partnering with Epitaph Records to distribute comics across America.

It actually makes a lot of sense. Epitaph is Bad Religion’s label, a prestige brand that somehow survived the label consolidation of the late 90s with its soul in tact. And they’ve got tons of resources that should attract comic publishers: connections to retailers, merchandising experience, logistical intelligence, access to a broader audience, and a shared DIY ethos (or as much as they can maintain as a partner of EMI). And they need content to sell. It’s a savvy choice for a partnership.

Steve Niles, who created 30 Days of Night with Ben Templesmith and a bunch of other less-awesome stuff that’s not really worth your time, has the comics-equivalent of a punker’s reputation. He’s a shameless self-promoter with a bad habit of shooting his mouth off. He works primarily in the horror genre and publishes usually under the IDW brand (who also license Transformers and GI:Joe comics), which means his work is likely fodder for some of Epitaph’s artists like Alkaline Trio or Chiodos.

There’s something cooking here that the douchebags might call synergy. Comic creators need new vectors for distribution, and labels need new stuff to sell. Whether it’s an IDW tent at an Epitaph-staffed punk rock festival or a comics spinner rack next to the new Converge album in your local scummy record store, at least it’s pretty cool to see companies trying something new.


The Up The Pucks College Hockey Bracket Challenge

This time of year it seems that everyone is caught up in March Madness. People around the country stress out over their brackets and inevitably tear them up as the tournament does not play out the way they figured it would. Yet, among all this madness, it seems that the college hockey tournament gets lost in the shuffle.

Well let's fix that. We have our own brackets we should be obsessing over.

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The Triumphant Return Of Canada’s Masturbation Fantasy

(MSG Photos)

Disclaimer: Alright before I start this, I want to remind you this is not an attack on Sidney Crosby’s talent.  I get it; the guy is fantablous.  There’s no denying it.  But on to my anger.

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EPISODE 77: I'm Skipping Up To Boston



Nope, not Boston this week, this one's all about Philadelphia. Our guest this week is Kevin, from BroadStreetBuzz.com & WhatThePuckingPuck.com

Pete laments the coming retirement of Sean Avery.  Then we discuss the always-successful method the Boston Police Department has taken up to curb moshing. We go on to debate the possible icing changes, the state of the Flyers as we hit the home stretch before the playoffs, and sooooo much more. Join us, wont you?

Flyers blogs:

-Broad Street Buzz

-Down Goes Spezza(done by past guest Matt)

-Broad Street Hockey

-Flyers Faithful

Music Featured This Week:

-It All Happened In A Ford Windstar by The Holy Mess(The intro was theirs as well)

-My Life As A Pigeon by The Wonder Years

-Salem by Paint It Black

-Jane by The Loved Ones(& this is a link to the 7" series Dave Hause will be doing)

-Punk Rock Girl by The Dead Milkmen



UTP Interviews Jason Navarro of Break Anchor

Oh hey, this was exciting. Pretty recently Mr. Brandon asked me if I wanted a promo of the new Break Anchor 7". I of course wanted it because it exists. He also asked if I wanted to do an e-mail interview with Jay Navarro of Break Anchor and formerly over The Suicide Machines and currently of Hellmouth. Its quick, dirty, and I only get embarassed once. If I should be embarassed more than once just don't tell me.

Photograph by Luke Hartley

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