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UTP Album Review: For The California Hardcore Championship

Skin Like Iron/Nails split 7" (2012, self-released)

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A Baker's Fuck #1


13 Reasons Why You Should Think The 1991-1995 San Jose Sharks Teams Were Awesome


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Russ Rankin, Geoff Courtnall, and Stanley.!

Apologies for the delay with this one. In this episode, Brandon is slowly turning his back on his politics, or turning toward deliciousness. Pete's barely hanging on as we discuss Chik-fil-A(this is what we're referring to), psychobilly, and fixie bikes, eventually getting around to talking about hockey, specifically The Winter Classic.

This week we're joined by a very special guest who made the jump from punk rock to hockey, while still recording and performing. Russ Rankin, frontman for Good Riddance, Only Crime and current solo artist joins us to describe his journey to become a hockey scout in California for the Western Hockey Leagues' Kootenay Ice.

Good Riddance

Only Crime


Hockey Headlines:

The Winter Classic

Punk Headlines:

Bike Safety comp.

Featured Franchise: San Jose Sharks

Music featured this week:

Its all Bay Area bands this week, please support the bands by checking out more of their music.

Respect The Dead by Stellar Corpses

Last Time by Face The Rail

Libertine by Good Riddance

Race to the Bottom by Heartsounds

Safe Words by leer.

Tired by Cigar


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Mix Tape: For The Tortured Punk Soul

Spending your V-Day alone? Recently dumped? Need to go on a rollercoaster of rage, angst, and depression? Let this mixed tape help you on your way. There’s nothing more soothing the sound of music, let the experts on heartbreak and rage help you through this rough patch and before you know it, it’ll be February 15.

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Mix Tape: Punk Rock Love

So you’ve a punk rock lover? And today’s that special day where you’re supposed to show how much you love them. But you forgot. That’s okay because I’m here to help you with something every true punk kid loves, a good old-fashion mixed tape. You can pick whether you want and pull out the cassette recorder and make one or burn a CD. Either way, you’ve songs here that run the gauntlet of punk rock love.

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