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Don't Talk Shit About Abe Lincoln, Mix Tape Edition

Yesterday was President's Day, a moment where we honor ALL presidents in American history.  The Americana/Cowpunk themed mix tape is dedicated to the most punk rock president there was, #16 Abraham Lincoln:

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#StayNegi: Who Named These Teams? Seriously

As I sit here and wait for the start of the games tonight, I can't help but think WTH when looking at team names.  Have you sat down and really thought about them lately?  They are either really weird or so dumb I can't handle it.  Take a look at some of them with me.

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Looking back at 20 years with LTJ


I was recently given the opportunity to ask my favorite band of all time Less Than Jake a few questions. This being their 20th year of existence, and given the fact, that they are about to launch a national 20 year anniversary tour (and quietly released a new EP today), I figured it would be a great time to look at how the band has changed over the course of their career and their lives. I spoke with JR specifically.

Here's what he had to say about LTJ's past, present, and future:


UTP: What recording sessions, shows, or road trip moments stand out as some of the best of your career whether it be a phenomenal show, a particularly difficult to record song, etc.?

JR: The best show of our career in my eyes was Reading Festival in 2006. It was the third time we played the main stage, and we had no less than 20 circle pits going on in the crowd. We played right before Slayer, and Kerry King was watching and (seemingly) digging it.

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So Less Than Jake started a tour & quietly dropped a new EP today

In concert with Less Than Jake starting a short tour of the northeast U.S., the band released a five-song ep on their own Sleep It Off Records. You can get the new ep, Season's Greetings from Less Than Jake  here. You can hear a song from it, 'Younger Lungs', over at AbsolutePunk.net. This record serves as a companion to last year's Greetings from Less Than Jake ep.

Also, we'll have an interview with the band here later today.


UTP Album Review: For The California Hardcore Championship

Skin Like Iron/Nails split 7" (2012, self-released)

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