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The NHL's Cocktease

Let’s be honest and call today what it really was, it was like a hand job after being promised a wonderful and magical night.  Sure it was nice, but it certainly didn’t match the build up that was coming from her (her in this case being GMs).  Today’s trades were better than nothing, but at the 3pm deadline, I was left wanting more. 

The moves were— nice and safe, but not what we were expecting.  The build up with Rick Nash drama, Dustin Brown vs Mike Richards, Anaheim shopping their entire first line, the rumors about Toronto, I’m sorry but I was expecting mind blowing, bed breaking sex, I mean, big name trades. 

Instead we got this:

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Episode 74: Most College Kids Are Assholes

This week Ty Anderson from Hockeybuzz.com makes a return visit to the show to discuss the Bruins, Boston bands and college hockey fans. Other topics include: No Trigger's newest album, Hockey Nova Scotia seeks to ban energy drinks.

Get To Know Your Co-Host: Ty Anderson from Hockeybuzz

Album Review: No Trigger’s Tycoon

Hockey Headlines:
-Nova Scotia seeks to ban energy drinks in minor hockey
-Minnesota Duluth starts a smallpox blanket chant

Featured Franchise: Bruins

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Laramie by Suicide File

Anchor End by A Wilhelm Scream

Insider (Executive/Amputee) by No Trigger

On Top by Los Bungalitos

White Knuckles by Defeater

Black Thunder by Doomriders


A Big F√€& You! From Streetlight Manifesto To Victory Records

Anyone aware of the punk scene knows about the problems that go down when Victory Records gets involved.  The latest to join the "Victory Records Sucks" parade?  New Jersey ska band Streetlight Manifesto (but I guess you guessed that from the title). 

Streetlight Manifesto has posted on their website a call to arms, a boycott of their merch and music.  According to Streetlight: 

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The NHL's Goalie Dilemma

Earlier this morning the Columbus Blue Jackets sent Antoine Vermette to the Phoenix Coyotes for a 2nd round pick in the 2012 NHL Draft, a 5th round selection in the 2013 Draft and goalie, Curtis McElhinney.  As the struggling Blue Jackets attempt to fight their way out of last place, I doubt you will see much of a change this season but it looks like preparation for next year. 

However, it seem CBJ is not the only team that is struggling to find players to stick between the pipes.  

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Trade Deadline Insanity Annoys Me

I guess it's time for someone on this site to acknowledge the insanity that is this impending Trade Deadline (February 27th in case you've amnesia).  So with that, I give you my thoughts and opinions on the past few trades and rumors that are swirling about the NHL.  

But first a little WTF break....

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