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Episode 128: I’d Have My Cock Out If I Scored Four Goals

Brandon sits out this week as Mr. Fancy joins Peter to discuss Jonathan Quick's own goal and the stories surrounding Tomas Hertl.

Links of Note:

Quick's own goal

Hertl's between the legs goal

Adam Oates' reaction to said goal

Joe Thorton's comments regarding the goal

Songs Featured in This Episode:

Intro: I Think We're Alone Now by Comadre

Ma Jolie by Bear vs Shark

Cool Out by Jeff the Brotherhood

The Greatest Betrayal by Much The Same


Them Pucks Are Tricky Little Bastards

Look at that mortification

Because I am a good employee that doesn’t fall asleep at her desk (any more), I miss most west coast games.  Which means I missed the first New York Rangers win of the season and will continue to miss their wins until they come back east.  Unfortunately I miss the truly ridiculous: Patrick Roy’s enthusiasm, Jagr’s return goal, the Teemu based circle jerks, etc.

And I miss Jonathan Quick scoring on himself.  

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So Are You In? - A Review of Devour by Dave Hause

Photo: Jen Maler

Poor Dave Hause.  He’s got another album that’s dropping today and he sounds like the the kid last kid picked for dodgeball in gym class.  Because when you think Americana at it’s finest, it’s not baseball, it’s gym class dodgeball, right (I blame the lyrics of his song "Bricks" for that imagery)?  But I digress.  Today, October 8th, we move even further away from another The Loved Ones album as Dave Hause continues to sing about his shattered American Dream.  And I still haven’t decided if I’m ok with this.  

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On Fisticuffs

How long did you think it'd take for the 'ban fighting" debate to start this season? Did you guess halfway into the first game of the season? If so, you're either lucky, or you should come to Saratoga with me next summer and give me betting advice.

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Red Bull Sound Select Invades Brooklyn & Cait Tries To Play It Cool

Now, I could spend the next few hundred words extolling the brilliance that is the Bouncing Souls and Brian Fallon, but after attending my second Red Bull Sound Select show and counting up how many pixels I’ve devoted to these men, I figured I should really focus on the whole night.  

For those of you who don’t know what Red Bull Sound Select is, holy cow you are missing out! Once a month, all across the country (11 cities to be exact) Red Bull gets together with well known artists and puts together a showcase featuring the artist and local bands hand selected by said artist.  So basically, if you dig Brian Fallon’s taste in music, well then you should attend shows curated by them.  I highly suggest you check out the site to see if Red Bull Sound Select is putting on a show in your area.  

For this show, the headliners were Brian Fallon and The Bouncing Souls *swoon* with the openers selected by Brian Fallon and Brooklyn Vegan.  While at the show, I assumed Brian Fallon and a grocery store catering to vegans had put together this show.  But you know what happens when you assume, you end up terribly disappointed that you can’t get carrots.

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