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Episode 126: No One Is Listening

Brandon and Peter return from their summer vacation and discuss what they've been up to, the recent set of horrible jerseys that have been released and the NHL pre-season.

Links Of Note:

-USA National Team Jersey

-Canada National Team Jersey

-Dallas Stars New Jerseys

-Carolina Hurricanes New Jerseys

-Russian National Team Jerseys

-Big Ten Hockey TV Schedule

-Modern Life Is War's Drummer Arrested

-Punk Goes 8-Bit

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Intro: Red Line by Banner Pilot

Big Lie by RVIVR

Resuscitation of the Year by The Flatliners

9th At Pine (8-Bit) by Less Than Jake


From The Team That Brought You "Steve Ott: Goal Scoring Threat"

Honestly, this one is really hard to sit down and write about seriously. 

I'll get three things out of the way before I talk about the actual jersey:

1) If you haven't actually seen it yet, don't bother.

2) The Ott leak just seems so fabricated, the more I think about it.

3) This is the second worst jersey in the history of the NHL. First is the Islanders' current third sweater. This replaces pretty much the entire uniform history of the Atlanta Thrashers as the second worst bunch of crap ever worn during an NHL game.


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What The Hell, Sharks

The San Jose Sharks dropped a pretty big surprise on us today, unveiling their new uniforms for next season. Let's take a look, shall we?

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Is Josh Harris The Final Nail In Albany Hockey's Coffin? 

With the temporary takeover of the Devils by the NHL due to financial concerns, my first worry was that they'd face the same fate as the Montreal Expos, letting big money players leave (hey, wait a minute..) and eventually leaving town for what would be a third time. Remember the KC Scouts and the Colorado Rockies? No, the old Colorado Rockies. The Devils began in Kansas City and spent a few years in Denver before settling in New Jersey.

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Cait Goes Classy At The MET

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has had on display since May 9th an exhibit entitled "Punk: Chaos To Couture" in conjunction with Moda Operandi and Condé Nast.  And I was a lucky duck who got to go see it.  Sadly, the museum was CRAZY strict about photo taking, so all you're left is with my thoughts on punk, the exhibit, and what it means today.  

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