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Errors and Corrections: Fashion Police

Sometimes, as a guy with no formal writing experience, you rush into an article without doing the appropriate amount of research, or say something really dumb. I'm awesome at that. My piece about new jerseys in the NHL is so full of errors and bad judgement that I felt a whole secondary post may be needed to fix this.

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Fashion Police: New 2014-15 Uniforms

After the Wild, Hurricanes, Sharks, and Sabres dropped new sweaters on us last year, the latest round of uniform updates have started to come out, just in time for the start of preseason games.

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Sonically Uncoupling

Do you remember what you were doing the first time you heard your favorite band? I was in Cambridge in 2007, chilling in my friend's apartment. I had tickets for the Lawrence Arms, and decided to skip a week of classes to visit friends and catch the show. He had gone to work for the day, and I was on a random message board, reading posts from a few dudes about how the best rock band in the world was a Japanese trio called Boris, named after the Melvins song.

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Album Review: All The Ways You Let Me Down by Candy Hearts

It feels like the promotion around the new Candy Hearts album has been non-stop. Maybe it’s just me but the articles, interviews, and profiles seem endless. That is all going to end because the album is actually going to drop on June 10th. Sitting down with the album I was a little concerned because I’ve not enjoyed a second of the first single and leading track “I Miss You.” It might as well have been a different band with nigh absurd radio hooks that felt like they were ripped from a New Found Glory b-side...

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Show Review: Against Me!, 5/9/14

The jaded old punks will tell you that punk is dead. That modern bands aren't important anymore. That the scene today doesn't mean crap compared to the Spirit of '76 or '84 or whenever. DC hardcore, NY hardcore, California hardcore, British oi!, nothing today will ever mean as much as those scenes did. But they're wrong. They're dead wrong.

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