Obey Patrick
Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 1:00PM
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Note: We've been lax in posting lately(which should be changing soon). So while I go back to fantasy booking the next WWE pay-per-view or whatever it is I do to avoid writing, this guest post is courtesy of writer and fellow podcaster Chris Collision. -Brandon

Into my inbox pinged the link. No body text, subject line only "best 14 minutes of my life." I looked around the office, waited for my bosses to disappear behind their closed doors, dragged my browser around so the YouTube video window was nestled into the bottom right of my their monitor, and positioned my text editor atop it, so I could screen the images from prying eyes with a quick-fingered ALT-TAB. I hit the GO button.

What I saw wasn't the best 14 minutes of my life--that would probably be the first 18 times I had sex--but it wasn't that far off, either. Let's skim some cream:

Not long after that link landed, an attachment arrived. Lee Ginsberg--the resident visual genius of my hockey blog--had been moved by Patrick Roy's rampages and, inspired, reached back to the mysterious proto-viral campaign of our youth. Where Shepard Fairey mobilized the imposing visage of pro wrestling's indomitable legend Andre the Giant, Lee went with Saint-King Patrick, going so far as to make a sticker sheet, for maximum fidelity with our misguided younger years slash ability to enlighten this craven world about the glories of puck by means of low-stakes vandalism.

Naturally it doesn't stop there. Lee churns on, focusing for now on hockey legends of the 90s: pests, agitators, enforcers, and the immortal. It's a series of two, thus far: Roy and the likely demigod Teemu Selanne. Coming soon: Chrises Simon, Pronger, and Neil, alongside Burnaby Joe Sakic. Heroes and villains, faces and heels, all will end up stuck to flat surfaces in time. (We're looking for great bloodied pics of Jarkko Ruutu, Ron Hextall, Chris Simon, etc. If you have one, shoot it at us, won't you?) I've moved from surreptitiously watching the video at work to sneaking MACtac into the office printer to get some post-fight Roy mugs out there, and I'm still waiting for the next couple announcements to hit my inbox like McLennan's stick hitting a gut. See you in the streets, puck buddies!

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