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Who's Gonna Take You Home Tonight? A Review

Following up their commercial hit, White Crosses, Against Me! has released an EP, True Trans, a lead up to their full length album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues.  And if the EP is any indication of the full length, Against Me! fans are going to be in for a change.  All that anger, rage, and disappointment, seems to have dispersed into melodic heartbreak.  

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UTP Reviews: Streetlight Manifesto's The Hands That Thieve

In order to prevent Cait from hunting me down and smothering me with a pillow in my sleep I will now proceed to write a review of The Hands That Thieve by Streetlight Manifesto.

The big reason that I haven’t written a review yet, besides being lazy, is that I really like to take my time with Streetlight Manifesto albums. Or album if you’re counting the ones that has been released since I started to write reviews. I wasn’t enthusiastic about Somewhere In The Between when it first came out, and it was not until a couple months later that I understood how good of an album it was. Things were quite different with The Hands That Thieve (THTT). From the first listen I was getting into nearly every track on the album. Time will tell, but this newest release may emerge as my overall favorite Streetlight album.

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Coca-Cola's Rosetta Stone And More From Phoenix- A Reivew

Four springs ago the radio was flooded with the sounds of this catchy song about last call in the fantasy version of Paris, it soundtracked every WB teen-angst TV show out there, and wouldn’t go away.  But did anyone really want the French New Wave darlings, Phoenix, to go away?  Such a fun poppy band, the world should be asking for more of them and less of the other crap floating around out there. 

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UTP Album Review: Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart

For almost a decade, Frank Turner has made his name traveling the world, putting on full-throttle acoustic sing-alongs in basements, clubs, arenas, and huge festival stages. I've seen him a couple of times, and have always been amazed by the energy he brings, and that the crowd gives back. His fifth full-length, Tape Deck Heart (out April 22), is a drastic change of pace compared to the past 7 or 8 years of what we're used to.

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Fall Out Boy Tries To Save Rock And Roll

I might not be a writer for Up The Pucks after this album review goes up, but if you’re like me, this is a weird moment for my angsty years.  Growing up there was a lot of grunge, then there was this big gap of music that I now categorize as “guilty pleasures” and I’m sure I’m not the only one to be secretly excited about the new Fall Out Boy album.  Whether you were 13 or 25 when you discovered them, their earlier lyrics spoke to your inner-whiny brat (or possibly your very vocal whiny brat).  Their last album, Folie à Deux was released in 2008 and soon after they went on hiatus/broke up/took a rocket to the moon.  But yesterday, whatever they've been going through came to an end with the release of Save Rock And Roll.  

The album sounds completely like Fall Out Boy, and yet nothing like them.  

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