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Stop Trying To Explain Hockey To Me!

It seems I've a bit of a 6th sense, just three hours after I posted about how I'm a judgmental jerk when it comes to female hockey fans and how I plan to correct it, the Rangers decided they want to top me and post a guide for female hockey fans. 

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My Vagina Is A Bigger Hockey Fan Than You

Oh dear, who knew a side effect of the lack of NHL hockey would be to attack the female fans.  That lovely "Tweet Like A Girl" trend that was going around, was not only misspelled, but also kinda infuriating.  Forget the ones that went by that talked about what assholes guys are, how awesome their besties are, and life would be perfect if Gossip Girl was their lives, I don't know who talks like that but they aren't friends of mine. 

What does tweek me is the tweets referencing to lady fans picking their favorite players by attractiveness.  I know quite a few lady fans, and they like some pretty fugly guys after I google them.  But hey, they put up some pretty impressive stats.  I can't argue with their choices, who's going to say Teemu Selanne is a bad choice?  Apparently though, *my* choices of favorite players are under fire.  Not directly at me, but there were enough tweets to go by that I got a bit self concious.  And then I realized this: 

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