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Peter was gone on vacation at the Frozen Four and Tampa this week, so Brandon was joined by friends of the show Jer and Cait Platt. An amazing time was had by all...and then the file was trashed. So Brandon made them do it again and that's the show this week!

Jer joins me first to recreate the magic and he shares a special gift to the podcast. Then Cait joins to discuss the upcoming playoffs, Mike Milbury, and uhh, menswear. This episode may ensure Peter never takes a week off again. Enjoy!

PLUS, we have a special guest this week as Bayside's Nick Ghanbarian joins to talk about the Rangers' Cup chances, Bayside's summer plans and more.

Punk Headlines:

-Will it soon be illegal to troll the internet from Arizona?

Hockey Headlines:


-Milbury vs Bylsma & Crosby(The Ladder Match)

-John Tortarella goes off again

Crosby responds to Torts

Bayside-Sick, Sick, Sick

Bayside's official site

Nick's company, Born and Bred

Punk Aid: Aceh Calling(This is the benefit comp Cait mentions)

Music Featured This Week:

Commando by The Ramones

Did Something Bad by The New Rochelles(Their record "It's New!" available here)

Ironbound by The Reveling(Their record 'Tributaries' available here)

Sick, Sick, Sick, by Bayside

Shovel by Quicksand