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How You Can Save The World From Bad Hockey Music

Seriously. Music played at hockey arenas isn't that great. At all. Hockey is rife with crappy "alt-rock" commerical mainstream whatever the crap. Even the Bruins organist started playing Lady Gaga songs a few seasons back. It's getting to the point where MLS has cooler music than hockey.

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UTP EP Review: Hey, This Is Only Two Years Late

Back in 2010, Japandroids had just released their debut LP, Post-Nothing, and while on the road, had promised us a series of five singles, all accompanied by a b-side cover. They delivered their first three on time, and then, nothing. 2011 passed in full, and nothing. Earlier this year, rumors of a new album (Celebration Rock, out next early next month) surfaced, and finally a new single appeared, "The House That Heaven Built".

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