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Tight Pants: Vladimir Tarasenko

This is the second installment of a series in which I tell you who to pay attention to in the KHL that you might otherwise miss because they weren't playing in the NHL last year. Yes, I know, this barely counts, but barely still counts. Let me introduce you to Vladimir Tarasenko.

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Book Buddies Review: Hand This To Your Hockey Clueless Girlfriend, Now

So for those of you who have missed it on Twitter, this is a new segment I am starting for the off season.  In my personal library, I have amassed many books on the topic of punk and hockey and will be doing short book reviews and an occasional movie or documentary review.  Please do not think of these as traditional, they will still be in the same vein of everything else the StayNegi Monster has done.  So do not fret.

Up first is "Taking A Shot" by Jaci Burton.

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