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Summer GHI Tournament Dates

Through the magic that is the internet and link clicking, I went from an article about the side effects of an anti-smoking drug to GHI, the Gay Hockey International.  Open to the gay, lesbian, bi, and transsexual community, but doesn't restrict allies from joining the league, the GHI has outposts in Albany, Boston, Chicago, LA, Montreal, New York, Ohio, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco (2), Stockholm, Toronto, Vancouver, Vermont, Windsor, and Wisconsin.  There are inactive groups in Colorado, Minnesota, Utah, and Washington DC.  

But I'm sure you guys all knew this, but they are having summer tournements this summer and I highly suggest you check it out:   

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How You Can Save The World From Bad Hockey Music

Seriously. Music played at hockey arenas isn't that great. At all. Hockey is rife with crappy "alt-rock" commerical mainstream whatever the crap. Even the Bruins organist started playing Lady Gaga songs a few seasons back. It's getting to the point where MLS has cooler music than hockey.

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Episode 76: Coach's Corner Is My Jersey Shore

This week Dan from Pass It To Bulis joins us to discuss the Canucks. Peter starts ranting about Don Cherry and then it progresses into a conversation about nationalism in sports. Other topics include: Patrick Stump's blog post and Brendan Kelly's response, Riot Grrrl and the Hawks/Canucks rivarly

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