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Episode 107: The Flensing of Daryl Katz

He can see into your soul

Brandon sits this one out (upper body injury) as Peter and Link discuss Murfreesboro, the potential for NHL expansion and Edmonton giving Oilers' owner Daryl Katz the finger.

Songs Featured in This Episode:

Intro: Nothing More by Verse

Take Out The Sun by Mountain Man

Bigger Than Punk Rock by Sonic Boom Six

Donor's List by Rape Revenge

Bullets by Scream Hello


Episode 102: Piss Pants

In this episode, we just go to a weird place. Peter talks about how he is weirded out by his ex-girlfriends getting married and then decides to tell a story about the "Piss Pants" game a few of his friends play. Also Shane from the UTP writing staff joins us.

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Intro: Mr. Artistic by None More Black

The New Brutality by Paint It Black

(The Gym Is) Neutral Territory by Lifetime

The Ronald Miller Story by Kid Dynamite